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About Us

Art and Music Event

The magic of art and music comes alive as talented musicians enthrall the audience and renowned artists craft tributes to legendary figures of yesteryears. But our event's significance goes beyond the celebration of creativity – with each artwork sold, we propel charitable initiatives forward.

Join us not just to witness artistic and musical brilliance but to be part of a movement that champions a brighter, more compassionate future.

Our Story

ArtRockLA, is a testament to the fusion of art and music. On one transformative summer evening, renowned studios turned art galleries showcased masterpieces while the air outside hummed with the sounds of emerging musical talents. More than a celebration, our events breathe purpose - supporting initiatives like the Guitar Center Music Foundation and Playing For Change Foundation, ensuring the universal language of music reaches every corner. We are where creativity meets compassion, blending iconic art with melodious tales of passion and purpose.

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