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It's no mystery that JD Shultz grew up to be an artist. JD's parents were both professional artists. To this day, there are thousands of people from all over the world that have decorated their homes or offices with his family's work. ​


​His paintings range from dreamlike cityscapes to thought provoking abstracts and fantasy surrealistic pop. His innovative use of acrylics painted on the reverse side of Plexiglas produce images that explode off the surface treating the mind to a happy but still intense experience of color and design.

_SUH0963-1_4565x5700_210_Full resolution064.jpg



is an american abstract artist specializing in motion color. Her medium of choice are oils and acrylics, which she skillfully employes in vibrant multidimensional hues. Her artistic use of the color universe offers us a window into eternity as she reimagines on canvas renown music artists we have loved and lost who have left an incredible mark on our souls.

From Botticellli.jpg
From Botticellli.jpg



Christian Cordella marks the 8th generation in a family of prominent Italian Fashion Designers.

He is Concept Artist and Illustrator for the major studios in Hollywood such as Marvel, DC, Warner Brothers, Sony, Universal Studios and Disney. From “The Little Mermaid” and “The Suicide Squad”  to “Avengers: Endgame” and “Avatar- The Way of Water” just to mention a few.


His work goes from Costume Concept to Creature design, Hair and Make-up, Props and Storyboards.


He is happy to share his personal work and fine art here with us.    

_Organic Labyrinth_ - crayon - 28_ x 39_ - winner of NY Times Art Critics Award - done in
_Organic Labyrinth_ - crayon - 28_ x 39_ - winner of NY Times Art Critics Award - done in



Dan Curry , Visual Effects Supervisor is a legend in the world of film and television. His work has appeared in over 100 productions. He is best known for his 19 years on STAR TREK winning multiple awards including 7 Emmys, 3 International Monitor Awards, and a Visual Effects Society Award.  


Dan the fine artist believes an artist should be an explorer seeking new ways of expression from the hyper real, to surrealism, abstract, and stream of consciousness in a wide variety of media.


Now excited to share his personal artwork with the world, enjoy the fine art of Dan Curry    



Matt "Mick" Carmody initially pursued his passion for art at a college near Washington, D.C. He later relocated to Los Angeles, embarking on a diverse career in the entertainment industry as an actor, filmmaker, and internationally syndicated political cartoonist. Alongside his success in entertainment, Mick's artwork has left an indelible mark, gracing the pages of global publications and adorning the homes of art collectors, celebrities, and professional athletes.

Joel Douek_ABOVE _ BEYOND_Oxidized Steel, 24K Gold Leaf, Red Patina, Resin, 2021 36 W x 24
Joel Douek_ABOVE _ BEYOND_Oxidized Steel, 24K Gold Leaf, Red Patina, Resin, 2021 36 W x 24


Joel Douek is a British award-winning artist and sculptor currently based in LA. His recent solo show in Los Angeles - “MetalMorphosis” - drew a resoundingly positive public response, including praise from LA Times art critic Liesl Bradner. Joel works with raw metals, reclaimed and recovered woods, using a variety of oxidation techniques to harness the striking natural colors these materials reveal. His artistic life has happened in tandem with an award- winning music career, scoring many of the documentaries of British naturalist Sir David Attenborough, along with feature films and hundreds of television episodes. His threads of art and music are closely intertwined, adding dimension and color to each other. 

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